Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 1

Hola everyone!
Although our trip got delayed by an hour we finally reached Lima at 2 in the morning. We got settled in at the hostel, Mundo Albergue de Aeropuerto. After eating a delicious breakfast at the hostel, we, along with our third chaperone, Federico, went to the grocery store to get the necessary supplies for San Pedro. Our next stop was for lunch at a traditional Peruvian restaurant, El Paraiso Huanca. They cooked the food, wrapped in aluminum foil, in fire pit in the ground. They served us chicken, beef, pork, corn, green beans, tamales, cheese, rice, salad, and corn. We also got to taste the national drink (we think) of Peru called Inca Cola. After a fulfilling lunch, we danced with some locals and played on a playground. Then we piled into the bus again and headed towards San Pedro. The bus ride lasted around 2.5 hours and we saw many exquisite views including the monkey bridge and stopped at many small towns. We found it humorous that we had to pay 30 cents to use the restroom. Through many bottles of water and some nervous breakdowns because of the steep cliffs, we finally landed in San Pedro de Costa. We settled in our rooms and found out the heartbreaking news that there was no hot water. Welcome to Peru I guess. Then we explored the town (wasn´t hard because it is so small) and had dinner at this lady´s restaurant. She served us amazing food including rice, french frys, fish, and salad. We were astounded by the freshness of the tomatoes and the exquisite flavor of the rice. We hurried back to the hotel, dead tired. There we had a quick meeting where a cute college kid named Jeff explained what our project would be for the next week. We will explain next time we get internet. right now we are embarking on a journey back to the lady´s restaurant for the next days dinner.

see ya next time,
talk to you later,
the peru crew 

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