Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 3

Hi Family and Friends,
So on our third day in Peru we got up, had breakfast, and immediately went to work on the project,
digging holes. We dug all morning until lunch where we again went to the same lady's amazing restaurant. After lunch, we had free time where we could write in our journals or do whatever we want. Then, we spent a lot of time exploring the town and experiencing a new way of life in looking at how they lived. Later, we went to the school and played volleyball and ping pong. After an hour and a half of playing with the children, we went to the local museum and saw many skeletons and mummies found at Marcahuasi, a place in the mountains that the townspeople believe was created by aliens or unearthly beings. After analyzing all of the artifacts we went back to the hotel and had fun washing each other's hair because we hadn't showered in a really long time. We washed our hair in a sink on the roof. Then we went back to the school and watched the college boys play a soccer game against the locals. After the game, we processed to a dinner in our honor held by the principal and all of the teachers. We got to try this delicious dessert which was basically fried dough covered in honey.  After dinner we went back to the hotel, bonded for a little bit, and went to sleep.
The Peru Crew 

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