Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 6/ Day 7

After saying our goodbyes to our new friends in San Pedro de Casta, we boarded the bus along with about 10 other Peruvians who sat in the aisle. Our 2 hour ride down the mountain was nauseating  at every switch back. We finally arrived in Chosica and switched buses on our way to Lima. The dramatic change in architecture and size astounded us all, coming from a town with 1,100 people to the capital of Peru with a population of 9 million. We settled into The Flying Dog Hostel and fought over our 1st available warm water showers in a week. For dinner we walked to an Italian restaurant and devoured our pizza and pasta, thankful for something other than potatoes and rice. After dinner we enjoyed ice cream from a nearby shop and headed back to the hostel. We ate a tasteful breakfast with the choice of eggs and toast or a yogurt parfait with papaya juice at a nearby cafĂ©. We explored the city for several hours, viewing the ocean and playing on plastic playgrounds. After an early lunch at Subway we piled onto the bus to head toward the airport for our flight to Cuzco.

The Peru Crew  

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